Update on European Metrology Networks and Research Programmes

Kaj Nyholm

Stay up to date about the networks and research programmes.

European Metrology Networks established

European Metrology Networks (EMNs) were established by the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) to ensure Europe has a world-leading metrology capability. EMNs are sustainable structures in areas of strategic importance for the future of European metrology and address European and worldwide metrology needs in a coordinated manner. VTT MIKES is a member of the following EMNs: Advanced Manufacturing, Climate and Ocean Observation, Energy Gases, Quantum Technologies, Smart Electricity Grids, and Smart Specialisation in Northern Europe.

One of the most recent EMNs is Smart Specialisation in Northern Europe. Currently, the metrology operations of national metrology institutes (NMIs) in the Nordic-Baltic region are fragmented as all NMIs have their own calibration and measurement services. This situation is ineffective as no single NMI has the expertise or resources to tackle all requested services. At the same time without coordination, there is unnecessary duplication resulting in resource wasting. This EMN establishes for the Nordic-Baltic region a common strategy to ensure a financially sound, and sustainably coordinated offering of services and research activities.

Last calls of the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR)

VTT MIKES is a partner in the following projects accepted for funding in the last EMPIR calls. Click the links to find more information on the projects!

Call: Fundamental Metrology

  • Two-species composite atomic clocks (TCSAC)
  • Microwave metrology for superconducting quantum circuits (SuperQuant
  • Next generation ultrastable lasers: reducing thermal noise limit and overcoming technical limitations with new materials and technologies (NEXTLASERS

Call: Metrology for industry 

  • Dynamic applications of large volume metrology in industry of tomorrow environments (DynaMITE)
  • Traceable metrology of soft-X-ray to IR optical constants and nanofilms for advanced manufacturing (ATMOC
  • Metrology for trace water in ultra-pure process gases (PROMETH2O)
  • Traceable industrial 3D roughness and dimensional measurement using optical 3D microscopy and optical distance sensors (TracOptic
  • Traceability of localised functional properties of nanostructures with high-speed scanning probe microscopy (MetExSPM). This project is coordinated by VTT MIKES.
  • Sustainable advanced flow meter calibration for transport sector (SAFEST).
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European Partnership on Metrology in Horizon Europe Programme

The European Commission’s new research and innovation programme Horizon Europe starting in 2021 includes European Partnerships, which aim through collaborative research and innovation initiatives to accelerate the transition towards a green, climate neutral and digital Europe, and to make European industry more resilient and competitive. 

One of the partnerships is European Partnership on Metrology, which aims to develop an effective, coordinated and self-sustaining measurement system for Europe by 2030. Reliable measurements are essential for innovation in economies and societies. Metrology, the science of measurement, underpins all fields of research, technology, trade and industry. Better accuracy, precision, and new measurement capabilities are key factors in meeting the demands of societal challenges and emerging technology. 

EURAMET – the European Association of National Metrology Institutes – is the body responsible for the implementation of the European Partnership on Metrology.

Anu Kärkkäinen
Anu Kärkkäinen
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