From Trash to Recycled Plastics - Future Recycling Systems



The journey of plastics from being discarded waste to becoming valuable recycled materials is both fascinating and complex. In the upcoming webinar "From Trash to Recycled Plastics - Future Recycling Systems", we delve into the innovative processes and technologies driving the transformation of plastic waste into recycled materials. This session aims to shed light on the challenges and opportunities within the plastics recycling ecosystem with a specific focus on difficult-to-recycle plastics that today ends up in incineration. How can we collect plastics more efficiently? What are the best recycling options for different waste qualities? How can the industry utilize different recycled plastics?

About the webinar

The transition from waste to recycled plastics requires understanding of the journey of plastics from waste to valuable resources. The process involves more than just sorting and processing; it requires a fundamental shift in how we view and handle plastic waste from sourcing of raw materials to the role of chemical recycling.

During the webinar we explore insights from recycling practices from other countries. This comparison offers a glimpse into experiences and strategies for enhancing our current recycling systems. We also present recent results from our studies on recyclability of mixed plastic waste.

Join the webinar to explore the future of plastics recycling and how we aim to contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy.


  • Challenges and solutions related to recycling of mixed plastic waste. Mika Härkönen, Professor of Practice, VTT
  • Separation of plastics from mixed municipal waste. Malin zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, Senior Scientist, VTT
  • From landfill to resource: sorting mixed waste plastics, Sanna Weiström, Muovipoli, Ossi Martikka, LAB
  • Q&A

Is this webinar for me?

This webinar is useful for companies and experts who want to learn more about

  • Future feedstock demand and supply
  • Recycling of mixed plastic waste
  • Design approaches for improving recyclability of mixed plastic waste
  • Optional recycling routes for different quality plastic wastes
  • Future opportunities for plastics recycling 


  • Mika Härkönen
  • Malin zu Castell-Rüdenhausen
  • Sanna Weiström
  • Ossi Martikka


Malin zu CastellRudenhausen
Malin zu Castell-Rudenhausen
Our vision beyond 2030

Every phase of a product’s lifecycle from raw material to end product as a part of recycling needs to be understood as well as possible. In this way, we can save important natural resources, reduce emissions and create new markets.