TRA2020 leads the way towards clean and inclusive transport


The theme of the Transport Research Arena TRA2020 conference to be held in Helsinki on 27-30 April 2020 is 'Rethinking transport - Towards clean and inclusive mobility'. TRA2020 provides a venue for showcasing the latest innovations and research results and gathering together international experts to discuss the future of transport and mobility. Up to 3,000 participants are expected to attend the event, which is Europe's largest transport sector conference.

Transport Research Arena (TRA) is the foremost biennial European transport event that covers all transport modes and all aspects of mobility. TRA provides a venue for researchers, policy makers and industry representatives to discuss innovations, studies and trials that can be used to further develop transport and mobility. The key themes at TRA2020 include the automation, safety and digitisation of mobility solutions.

TRA2020 is organised and hosted by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, which co-organise the event with the European Commission and various transport industry operators. VTT is responsible for the scientific content of the event. "We want TRA to have a multimodal approach, presenting high-quality research and concrete solutions for improving the transport sector as a whole," says the chair of the TRA2020 Programme Committee (PC) Pekka Leviäkangas

The program of TRA includes many presentations by VTT's experts. VTT will also have its own exhibition area at the event, with illustrative demonstrations and a comprehensive representation of the sectors and modes of transport. The attendees will also have an opportunity to visit VTT's premises in Otaniemi to learn more about its transport industry research infrastructure. 

The international conference is a great venue for showcasing Finnish know-how in smart transport. "The global transport market is growing and developing rapidly and the transformation is creating new and exciting business opportunities. At the same time, the deployment of new operating models enables higher service levels while being more environmentally friendly. TRA provides an excellent opportunity to steer this transformation, showcase Finnish innovations globally and build co-operation between businesses, authorities and research institutions," says chair of the Organisation Committee (OC) Heidi Korhonen from VTT.

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