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Join us in SMR & Advanced Reactor 2023 in Atlanta, USA. The event will gather over 500 public and private sector leaders from throughout the SMR value chain. VTT will host a workshop about the tools and methods for safety analysis and engineering support, don't miss it!

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VTT's side event: Ensuring the safety and economy of SMR energy services – methods and tools, May 4th 12:30-13:30 PM

Join our workshop Ensuring the safety and economy of SMR energy services – methods and tools on Thursday 4th of May 12:30 – 13:30 PM ET to learn about tools in active use at VTT for safety analysis and engineering studies related to large and small plants. 

VTT’s long-term research commitment on the nuclear sector has produced several software tools and methods for safety analysis and engineering support. These can bring great benefits in supporting the safety and economy of SMRs.

VTT is utilising the same tools in its own SMR reactor development. The tools are available to support your safety analysis and engineering projects. 

The discussion will explore the ways that unique computational and experimental infrastructure can bring about great benefits in supporting the safety and economy of SMRs. In this workshop you will learn about practical tools and methods, presented through concrete use cases.

You will learn: 

  • What are the state of the art tools and methods?
    • Reactor analysis
    • Engineering simulators 
    • Probabilistic Risk Assessment
    • Instrumentation & control verification
  • How are the presented activities carried out in Finland and how you can take the methods and tools into use in your own business?

Please follow these two steps in this order, to secure your space at the workshop:

  1. If you have not done so already, register to attend Reuters Events: SMR & Advanced Reactor 2023 here. 
  2. After your event registration, sign up to the workshop here (you must first be registered to the event, to access the workshop).

Our experts

Ville Tulkki, Lead, Nuclear Energy

Dr Ville Tulkki has been working with nuclear energy R&D for 15 years, and currently acts as a Lead on SMR Technologies at VTT. He is the coordinator of the EURATOM Research and Training programme -funded project ELSMOR, “towards European licensing of small modular reactors”. Ville is the Finnish technical advisory group representative of OECD/NEA's FIDES2 framework for irradiation experiments and a member of IAEA's technical working group on gas cooled modular reactors. Ville's other small modular reactor related projects include VTT’s work on conceptual design for a district heating reactor LDR-50 suitable for European networks, and the EcoSMR project aiming to create business opportunities related to small modular reactors for Finnish companies.

Ville Tulkki

Marko Koistila, Executive Vice President

Marko Koistila is Executive Vice President at VTT, responsible for the commercial operations and customer partnerships.

Marko is experienced in international and cross-functional leadership roles; Previously in pharmaceutical industry in Finnish, European and global level, while recent years in VTT. Marko holds a degree of Science in Pharmacy from Helsinki University.

“New technological solutions create impact on society and sustainable business only when they are in use. Together with forerunner companies and cutting-edge technology, we can solve some the biggest challenges of our time”, Marko firmly believes.

Marko Koistila

Matti Paljakka, Solution Sales Lead

Matti Paljakka holds a Master of Science in Engineering degree from Helsinki University of Tech­nology, Department of Technical Physics. His major was Nuclear Engineering and minor Mechanical Engineering. He graduated and joined VTT in 1995.

During his research days, Matti worked as mathematician, software engineer and configuration manager in the Apros® process simulation software maintenance team. He has acted as a project manager in a number of contract research projects as well as public research projects.

Since 2013, Matti works in sales, currently as Solution Sales Lead. This involves managing relations to nuclear energy sector companies and waste management organizations, developing international partnerships and leading a sales network within VTT.

Apros® is a registered trademark of VTT and Fortum.

Matti Paljakka

About VTT

VTT is a visionary research, development and innovation partner for companies and the society. We bring together people, business, science and technology to solve the biggest challenges of our time. This is how we create sustainable growth, jobs and wellbeing and bring exponential hope. 

VTT is one of the leading research organisations in Europe, and we have 80 years of experience in cutting-edge research and science-based results. Our more than 2,000 professionals work to develop systemic and technological solutions that can bring about fundamental transformation. 

We promise to always think beyond the obvious. 

Matti Paljakka
Matti Paljakka
Solution Sales Lead, Nuclear Energy
Our vision beyond 2030

The efficient utilisation of renewable and carbon-neutral energy in industry, transport, and construction holds a key position in solving climate issues.