Smart City Expo Barcelona 2022



Join with us to Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona in November! The world's leading event for cities will have a Nordics Pavilion which we at VTT will be a part of. VTT will also host a side event on the 14th of November regarding a human-centric, sustainable, and resilient Smart City. Meet us in Barcelona to hear how we can help improving cities to be more future-proof!

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Join our workshop about how to make a successful roadmap for a human-centric, sustainable, and resilient Smart City today on Monday the 14th.

Join our workshop on The Business Forum Day, Monday the 14th

The Smart City Business Forum Day brings together decision makers to discuss key challenges for the smart and climate-neutral city. VTT will host a workshop on the Business Forum Day, a day before the main event, about "How to make a successful roadmap for a human-centric, sustainable, and resilient Smart City today". 

It's clear to everyone that we are living in a none-sustainable way. And since almost 80% of humans live in cities, we must design a framework for cities that allows us to improve our quality of life at the same time that we lower our impact on the planet.

The hosts of the event

  • Sami Kazi, Research Team Leader, Smart cities and intelligent buildings, VTT
  • Andro Lindsay, Business Development Manager, Carbon neutral solutions for smart and sustainable cities, VTT
  • Kirsi Hyytinen, Research Team Leader, Future-proof societies, VTT


The content of the workshop

  • Improving the quality of life in cities in a sustainable way 
  • The real challenges for the participants
  • Future shaping and impact leadership as a holistic approach to design resilient, smart and sustainable cities and neighborhoods
  • The potential solutions
    • How to design solutions with resilience built in?  
    • How to build solutions in a systematic holistic way.  
    • Collaboration between several public and private parties is a must.  
    • ​Introduction of the Finnish Smart City Innovation Cluster
  • The impact in the following 5, 10, 50 years
  • The targets for the human-centric, sustainable, and resilient Smart City 

Meet us in the Nordics+ Pavilion stand number E 81!

Come and meet VTT experts at our booth in the Nordic Pavilion stand E 81!

We can help you for example with

  • planning and executing green energy solutions and digital transformation

  • enabling zero-emission transport and smart mobility services

  • building a leading circular city or district

  • designing and implementing nature-based solutions to effectively manage stormwater and cool urban heat islands

  • making holistic and strategic decisions in a complex city environment

The themes of the main event

  • Enabling technologies
  • Energy & environment
  • Mobility
  • Governance
  • Living & inclusion
  • Economy
  • Infrastructure & buildings
  • Safety & security
Kirsi Kotilainen
Kirsi Kotilainen
Solution Sales Lead
Heikki Rajasalo
Heikki Rajasalo
Solution Sales Lead

Traditional solutions for construction and the built environment are no longer enough as we aim at carbon neutrality and resource efficiency. We are moving in the direction of a flexible, energy-efficient, and smart built environment. With its help, future living will be carbon-free, and people will be able to live better lives.

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