POSTPONED: Microtechnology seminar

Tietotie 3
02151 Espoo


This event will be moved to a later date, please check for updates.

Growth, competitivity, and sustainable development from smart specialization of the Finnish electronics industry

Rather than developing main stream semiconductor technology, companies and research groups in Finland are actively developing innovative special components for demanding applications. Most moderns cars and mobile phones contain Finnish made components and technology developed in Finland. These technologies are based on high level Finnish knowhow and long-term development.

Microtechnologies (incl. microelectronics, photonics and quantum technologies) enable creation of completely new products and services and improved productivity. New technologies also play an important role in solving global challenges. Finland has the opportunity to continue to grow as an important player in this field, provided that component manufacturing capabilities are available in Finland.

This seminar presents some Finnish success stories, some of which have longer history whereas some are new growth companies. The panel discusses the means to strengthen Finnish ability and to broaden the exploitation of microtechnologies. Detailed program to be announced later.