Opens access for young researchers and experts to leading energy systems research infrastructures - ERIGrid 2.0 aims to connect the European smart grid infrastructures


European consortium of innovative research and development laboratories offers young researchers and experts from the industry free access to leading smart grid and energy systems labs and services. This includes 21 European research infrastructures and 8 virtual environments.

Researchers and experts internationally can receive funding to access the best laboratories of Europe, including VTT’s IntelligentEnergy testbed. Travel and accommodation costs will also be covered. Research groups located in Finland can apply for access to European infrastructures. The access to the virtual environments is granted to all.

”ERIGrid 2.0 opens doors of Europe’s best research infrastructures for young researchers to advance the development and validation of new concepts and approaches for the integrated energy system of the future. They will have free physical and virtual access to perform their research activities between April 2020 and September 2024. Another important contribution of the project is training and further education for qualified employees of laboratories and infrastructure facilities”, says Dr. Thomas I. Strasser, coordinator of ERIGrid 2.0.

Focus on intelligent energy systems 

The researchers can use these infrastructures to perform their own experimental research and academic or industrial projects, with focus on developing, testing and validating modern power supply systems, the integration of renewable energies, the digitalization of the networks and intelligent energy systems. 

This research is a part of the current transformation and digitalisation of the energy systems. It helps to improve the security of supply and sustainability of the energy systems and accelerates better use of renewable energy in our daily lives. ERIGrid 2.0 builds on the achievements of its predecessor project, H2020 ERIGrid, which was chosen as one of the Success Stories of the European Commission.

Apply now

First call for applications will open in September 2020 and is expected to close in October 2020.

Petra Raussi
Petra Raussi
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The efficient utilisation of renewable and carbon-neutral energy in industry, transport, and construction holds a key position in solving climate issues.