A new book explores Nordic perspectives to systemic approach to safety in the nuclear industry

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Nadezhda Gotcheva

A new book, Human Factors in Nuclear Industry: A Systemic Approach to Safety, edited by Anna-Maria Teperi and Nadezhda Gotcheva was published in late October 2020 by Elsevier, Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy. This edited collection provides value to the contemporary discussions on human and organizational factors for safety by presenting science-based and practical Nordic perspectives to systemic approach to safety in the nuclear industry.

The book is a result of cooperation between researchers from Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT), as well as nuclear industry practitioners from Finland and Sweden. Many of the chapters are based on research, carried out  in SAFIR, the Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Power Plant Safety.

The book provides a broad systemic perspective and is intended for a wide range of readers

The book adopts a broad systemic and multilevel approach by indicating the importance of understanding the interactions and interrelations of various elements and at different levels of the system-individual, work, team, organizational, interorganizational, and institutional. Mainly, it contributes to supporting people in their continuous efforts to ensure nuclear safety. A wide range of reader can benefit from reading the book, including professionals in the nuclear industry and other high-risk domains, regulators, suppliers, researchers or university students. 

We hope this book is a timely contribution for enhancing safety in the nuclear industry through raising the awareness of the role and importance of human and organizational factors for safety, and the need for understanding interactions between human, technology, organizations and the wider environment, including institutional factors. Although we present Nordic perspectives, we believe good ideas and practices could be adopted across the globe to enhance learning and prevent accidents in the future.

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Nadezhda Gotcheva
Nadezhda Gotcheva
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