Natural bioflavouring of foods and beverages webinar



Interest in plant-based foods and beverages produced via fermentation or germination is growing due to increased awareness of their unique flavour, naturalness, sustainability, and possible health benefits. Business Finland BioFlavour co-innovation project gathered together several food and beverage companies and researchers from Finland to harness the power of natural fermentation and germination processes for industrial production of flavourful plant-based ingredients and products.

In this final dissemination webinar of the BioFlavour project, we will focus on three topics: 

  • How fermentation with non-conventional organisms and complex microbial communities may be used to modify beverage flavour,
  • How control of complex fermentation processes could be improved without compromising product functionality,
  • How natural germination process has been exploited to create flavoursome, healthy and sustainable plant ingredient innovations

The presentations will be followed by an industry statement on the applicability of the project results and a Q&A session.

Register here to the event by 23rd October 2022. The webinar is free of charge.


Riikka Juvonen (webinar host), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Arttu Ruusunen, Viking Malt
Kristoffer Krogerus, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Kalle Riihinen, Paulig
Frederico Magalhaes, Technical University of Berlin
Paula Jouhten, Aalto University

Funded by:

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Riikka Juvonen
Riikka Juvonen