Modern cyber security needs quantum-safe methods – VTT to coordinate new quantum safety project


Cyber security today is based on encryption methods, some of which can be easily cracked by quantum computers. Solutions to this threat can be found in quantum-safe encryption methods. They allow cyber security to be guaranteed well into the future.

The challenges of quantum computers for cyber security have been known for a long time, but quantum computers have now evolved to the point where the threat needs to be taken seriously. Quantum-safe methods, which need to be standardised and implemented, have already been developed in research. In addition, new methods and technologies need to be developed alongside them.

New quantum-safe cryptography is being built in a project coordinated by VTT. The cooperation involves 6 corporate partners, 3 research partners and authorities. The aim is to investigate the possibilities, limitations and uses of existing quantum-safe methods and to develop completely new ones. Corporate partners are particularly interested in replacing existing solutions that are vulnerable to quantum threats with new methods and incorporating quantum-safe solutions into their own products and services.

Standardisation work is a key part of the introduction of new methods. The project will develop national recommendations for quantum safety assessment and monitor the international standardisation of quantum-safe methods. The results of the project can also be used in the ongoing standardisation process.

VTT has lengthy experience and top expertise in both quantum technology research and related fields of science and technology. The company recently launched a project to acquire Finland’s first quantum computer. 


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