From Lab to Market: Communicating your idea



Stories about science-based entrepreneurship

Join us in the last FLTM of the Spring to learn how good communication can help you commercialize your research.

This time, From Lab to Market dives deep into communications and challenges you to speak openly and daringly about your research. We’ll hear stories from different entrepreneurs in different fields and learn how exposure and communication have helped commercialize their research.

We’re joined by the following outstanding speakers:

Kari Sinivuori, CEO and Co-founder of Uute Scientific Oy

  • Prior to this he has been working with accelerating innovations, business development and management ranging from startups to very large global corporations.

Prateek Singh, CEO of Finnadvance

  • Prateek holds degrees as an engineer in biotechnology and a master’s degree in biochemistry and protein science. Currently leads a 21-person team at Finnadvance, an EU, Business Finland and VC-funded startup developing platform technologies for better modeling diseases-on-chips, providing alternatives for reducing and replacing animal tests in drug R&D.

Tarek Omran, Co-founder of Science Pitchers

  • Tarek is a hybrid between an international communication trainer and an enthusiastic academic with a Ph.D. degree. He co-founded an innovation commercialization initiative Science Pitchers, where he and his team have helped train over 1000 research-oriented entrepreneurs and innovators to communicate their ideas to the world.

How to create impact out of research? How to turn your research into action? Could I, should I, commercialize my research? Do I have to leave academia, and can I ever return? What does science-based entrepreneurship or academic entrepreneurship mean?

These questions, among many others related to the area of research to impact, are being pondered by many researchers and academics. Now you’ll have a chance to exchange thoughts over a cup of coffee on how to create impact from research and network across disciplines and organizations.


The From Lab to Market event series is organized by Aalto Ventures Program, VTT Launchpad, Aalto Startup Center, and Aalto Innovation Services.