Kari Mäki, DSc (Tech.), appointed Research Professor in Smart Energy Systems at VTT

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​Kari Mäki has worked with energy systems at VTT since 2010. Before that, he held various positions in industry and the Tampere University of Technology.

Smart energy systems are essential for being able to fully utilise renewable energy. The energy transition has begun, and a lot is going on in the energy sector at the moment: new technologies are being utilised and new type of business is emerging. The operators are actively seeking new roles.

"The transition of the energy systems makes the subject area challenging, and a more interdisciplinary approach is needed," says Kari Mäki. "This position offers an excellent opportunity to take part in accelerating new innovations and developing solutions for the future with VTT's partners. Smart energy systems are my area of expertise, so naturally I am very excited about this opportunity."

The energy transition requires bringing together knowledge and capabilities from different sectors and thinking without a box. Combining the knowledge and capabilities of VTT and its partners can help make Finland a strong global actor.

Kari Mäki
Kari Mäki
Research Professor
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