Four new teams joined the VTT LaunchPad business incubator


The autumn of VTT LaunchPad has started in anticipatory mood, when four new teams joined the incubator. In total, the incubator has nine teams that aim to commercialize VTT's research and technology as spin-off companies.

During their incubator work, the new teams will participate in a customized program where they will receive funding to mature their solutions for investments and be able to network with investors, mentors and partners.

“I look forward to start working with the new incubator teams. The incubator has six teams that have joined previously, so the commercialization measures of the teams are, of course, at different stages of maturity. We tailor the incubator operation to the needs and development stage of each team. The funding granted during the incubator period directs the teams closer to the customers at the earliest possible stage, so that they can prove to  create significant added value for customers”, says Lotta Partanen, the head of the incubator.

New VTT LaunchPad teams


The team has developed a revolutionary new multiprocessor framework. It defines a way to build microprocessors for future general-purpose computers, tablets, smart phones as well as application-specific embedded systems. The team’s experimentations indicate roughly tenfold performance increase and fivefold software development productivity jump for parallel functionalities over an industry standard processor in a setting for premium laptop computer.

Team members: Martti Forsell ja Jussi Roivainen

LADD Large Area Decoy Devices

Teams’s soulution are roll-to-roll manufactured large area decoy devices. Roll-to-roll manufactured large area, IR-emitters having thin and flexible format with combined UV-Vis and radar reflective attributes can be integrated to objects sized from square centimeters to hundreds of square meters. Programming and remote control of such an emitter enables the fabrication of decoy devices with an authentic spectral response for defence to save lives of our troops. Additional applications can be found from security where IR-identification and communication tags increases safety of security and law enforcement officers, they can be used to increasing the visibility of autonomous commercial drones, as well as programmable local large area heaters for wide range of applications.

Team members: Arttu Huttunen ja Terho Kololuoma.


The technology to be commercialized is carbon-neutral, or even carbon negative and highly sustainable concrete, which helps to harness and immensely lower the global CO2 footprint & balance. The first area of application is pavement and pavement stones. The technology will enable a later transition to the production of precast concrete products as well. The production of CO2Crete materials is based on local production as well as the utilization of locally available side-streams and carbon dioxide.

Team members: Tapio Vehmas, Marcus Mangs ja Sampo Mäkikouri.


The goal of the team is to commercialize a rapid test device for fungal diseases, i.e. mycotoxins. The rapid test device can be used in agriculture, where the SAFTIR technology allows the farmer to test the mycotoxin values of harvested grains on site quickly, cost-effectively and reliably. The technology can be used to reduce agricultural losses, which amount to several billion dollars a year.

Team members: Mikko Utriainen, Marianne Hiltunen, Petri Saviranta ja Aki Mäyrä.

About VTT LaunchPad:

VTT LaunchPad is a business incubator for science-based business ideas that strive to reform society and industry. Business ideas combine VTT's research expertise with the best business experts and investors. VTT LaunchPad is committed to developing fundable science-based spinoff companies. In addition to the incubator program, VTT LaunchPad offers financing for business development for a maximum of one year based on Lean Startup methods.

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