Food oat innovations to boost food system sustainability



Food Oats Conference 2021 took place on 8-9 June and was organised by Finnish Oat Association and VTT. The event addressed the latest findings and innovations in oat based ingredient and food development, as well as the health impacts and consumer insights.

The two-day conference was live-streamed and interactive, enabling online discussions with the presenters and on demand recording of the presentations. The event recording, presentations and posters are available on a fee basis.

With globally recognized keynote speakers, the Food Oats Conference addressed the oat research and innovations from farm to health impacts by having four specific session themes:

  • Oat raw materials and ingredients
    • Keynote speaker: Dr Nancy Ames from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Processing for food design
    • Keynote speaker: Tuula Sontag-Strohm from Finnish OatHow consortium
  • Oats and health
    • Keynote speaker: Associate Professor Lieselotte Cloetens from Lund University (Sweden)
  • Consumer trends and innovations
    • Keynote speaker: Professor of Practice Reetta Kivelä from University of Helsinki (Finland)


Read more about the 1st Food Oats Conference here.

Our vision beyond 2030

Demand for food is growing at the same rate as the world population. Food production needs to be both sufficiently efficient and less harmful for the environment than before. The challenge is massive, but big steps have already been taken in the right direction.