EVP Petri Kalliokoski to leave VTT for an outside company, Tua Huomo to start as EVP of Knowledge Intensive Products and Services

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Petri Kalliokoski, EVP, Knowledge Intensive Products and Services, will leave VTT and start as the CEO of High Metal Oy. Tua Huomo, present VP, Data-driven solutions, was nominated EVP, Knowledge Intensive Products and Services starting Jan. 15, 2018.

"It has been very interesting and educational to work at VTT. I've had the opportunity to work in different roles and change and development projects. I started as a research trainee in 1999 and in the past few years I've been leading the ICT, electronics and well-being research of VTT as the EVP of Knowledge Intensive Products and Services. As the Chairman of VTT Ventures, I've also seen the development and growth of VTT-based spin offs. VTT is an important actor in the Finnish innovation environment and especially in the R&D activities supporting Finnish industry. I wish all the best and success to VTT and VTTers. I'm sure that we will meet in different occasions also in the future," Petri Kalliokoski comments.

Petri Kalliokoski will start as the CEO of High Metal Oy on Feb. 2, 2018. He will also be one of the main owners of the company. He has worked as the chairman of the company from 2010. High Metal is a family company established in 1949. It is producing manufacturing machines and equipment for food production, R&D and technology solutions. Petri Kalliokoski will also be a Board Member in several technology and start-up companies.

Tua Huomo has been acting in different roles at VTT and in industry both in Finland and abroad. She has versatile expertise and knowledge both related to the Knowledge Intensive Products and Services business area and applied research. Tua Huomo will be reporting to the CEO and will be VTT Leadership team member.

"I'm really excited about this new challenge. VTT is a great place to work; we can have impact both in industry and in the society. One of the most important tasks that I'll have is to make sure that we will be able to create new solutions and innovations through top-class research and meet our customers' needs in a rapidly changing environment. The outlook in this business area is good and we have excellent people working here so I'm sure that we'll be able to meet these targets," Tua Huomo says.

"I'll take this opportunity to thank Petri warmly for his long and successful career at VTT and the work that he has done for the renewal of VTT over these years. I wish all the best for his new career as an entrepreneur. I'm happy that we have Tua to take the leadership in Knowledge Intensive Products and Services businessa Area and work as a member of the VTT Leadership team," VTT CEO Antti Vasara comments.