Deep Tech Dugnad/Talkoot



What is the dugnad?

Bringing new tech to market is key to creating new jobs and solving some of the big challenges the world is facing. So for 2021 we're bringing the whole innovation ecosystem together to explore how we can turn more new tech into successful startups and scaleups.


Track 1: Deep Tech Dugnad
How can we work together to turn more new tech into successful startups and scaleups?

10:00 Stage
Deep Tech Ecosystem Dugnad

Why are deep tech startups important and what does it take to build a thriving ecosystem for them? Get fresh insights from international experts, and learn how you can contribute!

  • Switch Window from VTT LaunchPad will pitch

10:15 Parallell breakouts
Breakouts let you learn directly from experts and startups as they discuss important topics and answer your questions! Learn “How to succeed with…”

  • Strategic Corporate-Startup Partnerships
  • Going from Lab to Startup
  • Public Procurement from Startups

13:00 Stage 
How can we get deep tech startups right in the Nordics?

Leading Nordic innovators share their perspectives on what we should to turn more of our research into successful startups. Is going after EU funds enough, or should we build our own infrastructure tailored to the rockstars of science and deep tech startups?

Track 2: Tech Dives
Dive into some of Norway's coolest new science and tech through leading tech experts, cutting edge R&D projects and fantastic startups!

11:00 Ocean

Hear about the latest tech trends in the ocean sector: autonomous marine vessels, offshore digitisation, innovative maintenance solutions, and fighting ocean pollution.

12:00 Health

Get updated on the latest tech trends in the health sector: ultrasound- & EEG technology, artificial organs, and 3D printed organic tissue.

13:00 Sustainability

Learn about the latest tech trends for sustainability: energy and quantum spintronics, hydrogen power, new resources, and advanced materials.

Deep tech dugnad