Corridor as a Service streamlines goods logistics

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Corridor as a Service, coordinated by Traffic Lab, is being developed together with VTT, Vediafi and other organisations belonging to the CaaS Consortium. The goal of the new operating model is to improve good logistics in a business led manner in order to facilitate international commerce. Vediafi, the world's first CaaS operator, signed today a significant CaaS-Net ecosystem agreement with Dynniq at the transport technology and smart transport event Intertraffic.

The goal of Corridor as a Service is to improve goods logistics through digital services so that Finland can become a logistics hub for improving and expanding international commerce. At the moment, a preliminary assessment is being carried out to support the development of the CaaS concept. This assessment seeks to map out the operators and measures which have the potential for developing the speed, transparency, quality and cost efficiency of logistics.

Based on this preliminary assessment, a new operating model will be developed which is able to significantly improve the accessibility and attractiveness of Finnish logistics. For businesses, this offers opportunities for developing both currently existing and new forms of business activities, for improving transport operations and for networking.

'Finland has the opportunity to become an international hub for improvements to goods logistics. We promote an enabling environment and those measures which can lead to the creation of new digital services and business models', explains the Finnish Transport Safety Agency's Director General of Data and Knowledge Juha Kenraali.

CaaS ecosystem promotes the development of new business activities

Finland's competitive position in the advancement of international logistics is being promoted through cooperation between the public and private sector. The development of the CaaS ecosystem is being accelerated by the capital loan granted by Business Finland for the development of new growth drivers.

Participating in the Corridor as a Service ecosystem from the public sector are the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Transport Agency, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority and Finnish Customs, as well as VTT from the research sector and Vediafi, Dynniq, Infotripla and Indagon from the business sector. Also cities Vantaa, Turku and Tampere are involved as well as the Growth Corridor Finland network and YTL ry.

'VTT is very interested in the integration into digitalised logistics of new operating models and technologies which support networking and transport automation and in the growing business activities that these enable, as well as of course in the related development of innovation and business ecosystems', says Project Manager Lasse Nykänen from VTT Ltd.

'Vedia-CaaS-Net is the first CaaS services operator, which creates a digital marketplace between logistics customers and logistics providers and which can include, for example, prioritised passage for truck convoys, which increases delivery reliability and provide time savings of over 10% at traffic lights, border crossings and road toll points', says Matti Lankinen from Vediafi.

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