Changes in VTT’s Executive Leadership Team: Mika Toikka to take on new challenges

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Mika Toikka, Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations and member of VTT’s Executive Leadership Team, is taking on new challenges at Avaus as Finland Country Manager & Deputy CEO. Mika has been with VTT for five years and has headed Commercial Operations since its establishment four years ago.

“Under Mika's leadership, VTT's customer relationship management and commercial operations have taken a big leap forward. Mika has built a strong, customer-centric team at Commercial Operations. Although the global situation is difficult to predict, we have a world-class team to support how we do truly meaningful work with our research. I would like to warmly thank Mika for his time at VTT and congratulate him on his new job,” says President and CEO Antti Vasara.

“VTT is a unique organisation that combines realistic optimism, deep technological know-how and strong customer centricity in a great way. I wish all the best for both brilliant colleagues and customers. I will continue to follow VTT's next steps with great interest,” says Mika Toikka.

Vice President, Sales and Customer Partnerships Marko Koistila will be acting as a deputy for the position and member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Antti Vasara, President and CEO
Pekka Tiitinen, Chair of the Boar

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Leena Rantasalo
Leena Rantasalo
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