Can industrial dust be useful?



We invite you to hear some interesting examples of circular economy in industry and how challenging by-product will be converted into useful product. Together with industrial partners, VTT is coordinating DESULF project supported by funding from EU EIT Raw Materials. The project is planned to run through to the end of 2022 and includes partners in the metal industry and gas purification sector.

The steel industry in Europe generates several thousand of tons of zinc-containing dust each year, which, at its worst, is treated as hazardous waste. The finest material is usually the most difficult to treat and recirculate. New purpose for these dusts is under development in DESULF project.

Session 1: Side streams in powder & steel industry cycles
Time [EEST]    
15.00 - 15.15    Industrial circular economy, Marjaana Karhu, VTT
15.15 - 15.40    Circular economy in metal powder industry,
                         Björn Haase, Höganäs
15.40 - 16.05    Valorisation of by-products in steel industry, 
                         José Barros Lorenzo, ArcelorMittal
16.05 - 16.15    Break

Session 2: Gas purification sorbents
16.15 - 16.40    Zn based materials, application and recycling,
                         Anna Trubača-Boginska, Catalyco
16.40 - 17.05    Gas purification with sorbents, Christian Frilund, VTT
17.05 - 17.30    DESULF- Gas desulfurization by steel industry side streams, 
                         Pertti Lintunen, VTT
 17.30               Closing the webinar

Pertti Lintunen
Pertti Lintunen