Bringing on the hydrogen revolution!



Welcome to join our virtual event for prominent energy companies, equipment manufacturers, process engineering enterprises, and other companies exploring hydrogen technology in their operations.

If you are considering using hydrogen to lessen your company’s greenhouse gas emissions, planning on creating new business with hydrogen, or wanting to update your knowledge on how to benefit from the fast-moving technology in your field – this is the afternoon not to be missed!

A chock-full 75 minutes of top views on hydrogen in society and how to integrate it in your business

Key speakers include Fortum’s EVP Per Langer, who is directing the conversation on how energy transition and decarbonisation can boost global competitiveness. The technology director from Elcogen, Matti Noponen is sharing his views on how we revolutionise energy with hydrogen. Antti Arasto, Interim VP, Industrial Energy and Hydrogen, VTT, explores how to build a business case for hydrogen.

Our round-table panel concludes the event with discussions on the crucial actions and next steps required towards hydrogen in society. The panel is led by Jussi Manninen, EVP, Carbon neutral solutions, VTT. The event is moderated by Erik Bäckman, Partner/Miltton Group, Managing Director/Miltton Sparks.

  • Energy transition and decarbonization! From only environmental focus to become a question of global competitiveness. - EVP Per Langer, Fortum
  • Hydrogen in energy revolution – what is needed to make it happen? -  Technology director Matti Noponen, Elcogen
  • How to build a business case for hydrogen? -  Interim VP Antti Arasto, VTT
  • Round table discussion: What are the crucial actions and next steps towards hydrogen in society? - led by EVP Jussi Manninen, VTT
Our vision beyond 2030

The efficient utilisation of renewable and carbon-neutral energy in industry, transport, and construction holds a key position in solving climate issues.