Borealis and VTT intensify cooperation in the R&D topics relevant to SPIRIT programme


Borealis and VTT arranged a meeting at VTT Bioruukki Pilot Centre recently to discuss how the partners could combine their know-how and facilities in the best possible way to achieve the strategic goals defined in the SPIRIT programme, led by Borealis.

The goal of the SPIRIT programme is to drive the Sustainable Plastics Industry Transformation, and to build an extensive ecosystem around the entire value chain to address this vital transformation required within the industry at large. 

“VTT is a strong member in the Finnish circular economy ecosystem, having a leading position in several SPIRIT research projects. The projects range from recyclability of plastics in the mixed waste to the utilisation of biogenic CO2 into chemicals. The cooperation in our SPIRIT projects has shown the value of good collaboration between a research institute and industry, equipping Borealis to take the next steps on our circular journey,” says Satu Kosonen-Kaija, Managing Director of Borealis Polymers Oy.

VTT’s purpose is to bring together people, business, science and technology. Collaboration is the key to innovation and successfully solving complex and systemic challenges.

“Achieving the ambitious goals of the SPIRIT programme requires broad expertise and cooperation. VTT is pleased to be actively involved in joint projects with Borealis and other ecosystem partners, in which we utilize our experience and pilot-scale facilities to develop a sustainable plastics production value chain. The results and the cooperation models achieved so far create a good basis for continuing the development work,” says Antti Vasara, VTT’s President & CEO.

VTT has gathered extensive know-how related to sustainable chemistry and utilization of recyclable feedstock during the past twenty years, which is also a strong asset. Many cooperation projects are already on-going.

“Bioruukki Pilot Centre can support Borealis’ targets with its advanced bench- and pilot- scale infrastructure including reactors, pyrolysis units, gasification pilots, equipment for CO2 capture, and units for separation technology among others. Borealis can also take advantage of VTT’s new investment initiative, Multimaterial Platform Investment Program, which emphasizes polymer recycling value chain,” says Antero Laitinen, Manager Process Chemistry Development at VTT.

Antero Laitinen
Antero Laitinen
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