Biotechnology, food research and materials science labs have been relocated into new premises


During the summer, the staff and the equipment that has been rooted for decades at Tietotie 2 in Otaniemi, Espoo have been moved to brand new premises at VTT FutureHub that is also situated in Otaniemi. The new VTT FutureHub laboratory will now house cutting-edge, experimental research in areas such as biotechnology, food research and materials science.

VTT FutureHub is being built in three phases. Part 1, completed in 2020, serves as a multi-functional office, part 2, which has been recently finalized, serves as a research environment with laboratories, as well as part 3, which will be completed in 2025. 
Planning of the move of 3500 units of laboratory equipment, chemicals and personnel has been a two-year endeavour. 

"Relocating the research operations of an entire building is a huge undertaking in terms of scale. Although the saying "well planned is half done" is true, there have been surprises during this journey. They have been resolved through cooperation and it has been great to see how everyone has come together to guarantee the smoothest possible move”, says Tiina Nakari-Setälä, Vice President of the Industrial biotechnology and food research area.

Arriving at VTT FutureHub

  • Visiting address: Tekniikantie 21, Espoo
  • Deliveries of goods and samples are directed to Maarintie 3. The reception of goods is at the far end of the building. 
  • Parking spaces for guests are reserved in front of the building at Tekniikantie 21. Visitors can enter their car registration number at the lobby service desk or enter it themselves at the Parking Portal tablet in the lobby. A single entry permits a guest to park for 4 hours. The parking area is supervised by Europark. 
  • Bicycle racks are available along Maarintie. 

VTT FutureHub's visiting address is Tekniikantie 21, Espoo

VTT FutureHub
Tiina NakariSetälä
Tiina Nakari-Setälä
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