Also VTT commits to the Equal by 30 campaign to promote equality in the energy sector


​Accountability is one the ethical norms that guide VTT’s actions. It also covers the responsibility to promote gender equality. Thus, VTT is happy to commit firmly to the Equal by 30 gender diversity campaign, launched on 24 May 2018 in a side-event to the Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in Copenhagen.

The campaign aims to promote gender equality in the energy sector by working towards equal pay, equal leadership, and equal educational and career opportunities. Also the Finnish state commits to these targets.

VTT promises to

  • keep equality as a basis and pay attention to it in everything we do
  • hire the best and the most suitable person
  • promote equality in technology by making sure that all kinds of people are visible and active.
  • Read more about Finland's commitment.
  • See the campaign site.


Tuula Mäkinen
Tuula Mäkinen