AACCI granted Kaisa Poutanen with the Osborne Medal

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AACCI International awarded Research Professor Kaisa Poutanen in 22nd October with the Osborne Medal, established in 1926 to recognize distinguished contributions in the field of cereal chemistry.

AACC International is a global, nonprofit association of more than 2,000 scientists and food industry professionals working to advance the understanding and knowledge of cereal grain science and its product development applications.

Poutanen's cereal-related research has focused on whole grains and dietary fibre, as well as bio-processing and the health effects of whole grain products in particular. She has led several major international projects such as a cooperation network on Nordic rye and health  and the large EU health project for the development of healthy cereal products. Last year the ICC (Int. Association for Cereal Science and Technology) granted her its Clyde H. Bailey Medal.

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