5G disrupts traditional value chains – are you ready to explore new business opportunities with VTT?


Smart cities need new digital service infrastructure to improve connectivity, safety, transportation, energy efficiency, air quality and quality of living.

5G technology has been hailed as the next evolution in IoT, connectivity and productivity. It is also an immense opportunity for forward-looking businesses to capture a piece of the market and for cities to build new competitive advantages. With VTT’s vast expertise in 5G and beyond, we can help you take advantage of these opportunities.

How will 5G disrupt industries and the whole society?

Smart cities need new a digital service infrastructure to improve connectivity, safety, transportation, energy efficiency, air quality and quality of living. Communication networks will become more diverse and public and private networks will pool together to enable fast connectivity where it’s needed the most.

However, in the near future, the current capacity of mobile networks will be insufficient to meet the bandwidth demands of increased number of connections, new digital services as well as terrestrial and satellite communication. The capacity problem can be solved by using small cell 5G radio technology and higher frequencies.

As a result, according to Ericsson, the 5G business will grow into a 619 billion-dollar revenue business opportunity by 2024.

In the past, traditional telecommunications operators have monopolized the market, as they own the frequency licenses and the base stations. 5G creates opportunities for changing this status quo, as masses of new base stations are required to build and maintain the network.

This is where VTT expertise’s can help you reach your ambitions.

Cutting-edge 5G research at your disposal

VTT and our wide partner network have already carried out pioneering research to bring 5G networks to everyday use.

Our expertise is derived from, but not limited to, a strong contribution to developing the wireless hardware required, especially in antennas, RF components and positioning. For years, we’ve also been world-leaders in network optimization and management, cyber security, edge computing and in testing the performance of the required software.

We cover most, if not all, of the prerequisites of building successful 5G solutions. You can come to us with a radical early idea, a nearly finished product or anything in between and we’ll help you develop it to a brilliant solution.

In short, by working with us, you can radically shorten the time required to develop and bring your 5G solution to the market. Or even go beyond 5G towards 6G.

Our recent examples of successful research collaborations include W-Cube, a nanosatellite transmitting high frequency waves, and 5G–DRIVE, a project aimed at harmonizing 5G networks between EU and China.

We are also collaborating with the European Space Agency in developing satellite 5G networks. In the beginning of 2020, VTT and ESA will be launching the first millimetre wave 5G CubeSat, which will provide channel models for the first time.

LuxTurrim5G delivers 5G technology for any need

Another successful example is the pioneering LuxTurrim5G project, where VTT and the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem partners have built a foundation that enables companies to develop innovative 5G solutions and services.

After years of meticulous research, LuxTurrim5G now makes it possible to build smarter cities, neighbourhoods and compounds with fast, low-latency data connections with efficient positioning capabilities. The solution is also adaptable to local needs and requirements can be used to solve various challenges, and needs like safety, air quality and weather monitoring.

Currently, the LuxTurrim5G network is based on smart poles with integrated antennas, base stations sensors, drones, screens and other devices. However, the light poles are just one possible physical manifestation, as the network can be setup almost anywhere, for example building walls or the sides of streets.

The solution is suitable for different city environments like metropolitan areas and even large-scale events like the Olympics. The adaptable technology can also be used in large industrial areas or airports, as LuxTurrim5G can handle their massive data flow and unique needs.

The beauty of LuxTurrim5G is its adaptability to different needs: new and innovative services can be quickly commercialized and monetized without going through the traditional operators.

Monetize 5G with VTT’s help

Why is getting on board with the 5G technology so important then? Cities are evolving on an extremely rapid pace as people seek for the best areas to live in. A new disruptive technology, such as 5G, has the potential to set entire societies on new growth trajectories and it is predicted that 5G will increase productivity by 30–35% between 2028 and 2033. Fast telecommunication services will most likely be as important as well-functioning waste management.

Are you interested in disrupting the traditional hierarchy and developing new solutions and innovations based on 5G or other future communication technologies? Get in touch, and let’s collaborate to incorporate this ground-breaking technology to your services and surroundings. The technology has been tested and validated and is just waiting for your adoption.

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Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä
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