10 bold and visionary VTT iBEX 2022 teams are selected!

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Every year, VTT iBEX launches an internal call to source bold and visionary ideas to tackle grand and global challenges. The proposed solutions are evaluated based on problem definition, potential impact and what would be needed to solve the challenges.

This fall the iBEX call received a total of 48 applications, and 17 of them were invited to pitch their ideas on 9 December. In case you missed the pitches, see recording of the VTT iBEX Boot Camp event.

After evaluation the jury selected the following VTT iBEX 2022 teams

Challenge: How can we utilize cell factories to produce in situ animal-free meat components (protein-fat-flavour) and structures?
Team lead: Nesli Sözer

Untroubled Ammonia
Challenge: How do we move away from carbon in heat and electricity production?
Team lead: Serena Aaltonen

Challenge: Can we combine carbon-negative direct capture of CO2 from air with carbon utilization into a single process?
Team lead: Jere Elfving

Challenge: Can we create a biomaterial with increased conductivity to be used for promoting neuron regeneration?
Team lead: Iida Jääskeläinen

Challenge: How can we improve performance of future biorefineries and reduce lignin waste? 
Team lead: Tom Wirtanen

Degradable polyolefins
Challenge: How can we increase the enzymatic degradation on polyolefins and reduce plastic waste?
Team lead: Jukka Niskanen

Cool Cellulose
Challenge: How do we create cellulose films with passive radiative cooling features?
Team lead: Vinay Kumar

Challenge: How can we create materials with superior properties, e.g. with repellancy, from cellulose?
Team lead: Jenni Rahikainen

Challenge: How can we distinguish biogenic-products from products of fossil origin?
Team lead: Mehr Fatima

Challenge: How can we decrease the use of heavy rare earth elements in the production of permanent magnets?
Team lead: Tomi Lindroos

VTT iBEX – the runway of innovation

VTT iBEX is an annual early-stage innovation programme, which gives our researchers the opportunity and tools to solve the most pressing global problems. They have one year to identify, address and solve a critical challenge by developing technologies that will help change the world.

The VTT iBEX programme launches and guides annually 10 one-year projects that arise from VTT researchers’ passion to change the world.

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