A fully possible Finland

Let's leave behind our skepticism about the future and replace it with an inspiring vision of Finland with all the trump cards in our hands. VTT's CEO Antti Vasara invited experts to discuss how we can return to a path of economic growth and what we must not mess up. In this vision, we also present four fields with great potential together with the companies developing related technologies.

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Antti Vasara, Pia Santavirta, Ville Voipio and Heikki Pursiainen

There is no need for endless gloom in the economic debate, as Finland has many strengths. We can return to a path of rapid economic and productivity growth if we invest in education and growth opportunities for pioneering companies, say experts Pia Santavirta, Ville Voipio and Heikki Pursiainen. Research and development require investment. They also need to be properly targeted so that the best companies can grow to international success.

We feel these views are worth sharing, so that building a fully possible Finland together can begin.

Fields of great potential

At VTT, we believe that a successful Finland is possible because the technologies and know-how are already there. Finland can become an internationally significant developer of sustainable solutions. These innovative companies, whose solutions respond to global change trends and needs, are already on this path.

1. Semiconductors

Efficient semiconductors are a billion-dollar business

Now, we would need joint national efforts. Chip production plants have been set up in other parts of Europe. So, what prevents Finland from attracting industrial investments focusing on power semiconductors, for instance?

– Jussi Rautee
Applied Materials, CEO of the Finnish company Picosun

Scientist working on a quantum computer

2. Biomaterials

Two scientists holding up a transparent bio film material

Fibre innovations – an opportunity for global business

In the forestry sector, the growth opportunities lie in raising the added value of products without increasing wood consumption. The demo plants for the production of biomaterials are major investments in renewal.

– Katariina Kemppainen
SVP, Group R&D, Metsä Group

3. Wireless networks

Wireless network access for billions of devices 

Our wireless network solution enables industrial networks comprising up to millions of devices. We are involved when India intends to digitise half a billion electricity meters.

– Jari Hämäläinen
VP, Product Management, Wirepas


4. Energy


A forerunner packages small nuclear reactors for export

Taking the developmental leap is not a question of courage as the need for clean heat production solutions is urgent. Finland has the opportunity make this alternative come true.

– Tommi Nyman
CEO, Steady Energy

A turn for the better is underway, but it needs to be backed up by concrete reforms and collaboration. We hope that decision-makers, funding providers and companies would continue to have courage and far-sightedness to invest in the opportunities of sustainable growth. Read about the steps we need to take next!