Bringing on the hydrogen revolution – turning hype into growing business

The time to act is now. At VTT, we help companies explore the possibilities of hydrogen technology in their operations.

  • We manage a fully automated research infrastructure and combine excellent hardware technology and experimental knowhow about FC&H2 domain to create economically viable and environmentally sustainable solutions.
  • We have decades of experience in solid oxide electrolysis, Power-to-X synthesis processes, as well as the function and integration of systems.
  • We make these skills and knowledge extensively available to companies and other innovative actors.

We are helping our customers and society reach their emission targets by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the energy system with the help of technology based on hydrogen. We are advancing the emergence of export products based on Finnish skills and knowledge. Together with our partners we are implementing effective pilot projects that are leading to the commercialisation of hydrogen-based innovations.

We need bold breakaways, concrete steps toward scalable solutions on a commercial scale.
Antti Arasto

Fuel cells and hydrogen

At VTT, we research and develop fuel cell concepts, power production and technologies that utilise hydrogen. We manage a fully automated research infrastructure available for 24/7 operation. In addition to modeling, testing and characterisation possibilities, our laboratories offer testing and characterisation services for fuel cells, fuel cell stacks as well as electrolyser testing services.

No longer theory, hydrogen put into practise

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Bringing on the hydrogen revolution – turning growing hype into growing business


Research brings results: Vantaa hydrogen plant is a big step toward commercialising hydrogen technology

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VTT, Neste and their partners seek breakthrough in Finnish e-fuel technology

VTT solved challenges of emission-free hydrogen technology

National hydrogen map for Finland

VTT helped Business Finland create a roadmap for hydrogen. The roadmap is expected to serve as the knowledge-base for further work, such as shaping the hydrogen policy for Finland, and determining the role of hydrogen in the national energy and climate policy.

National hydrogen roadmap for Finland

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Antti Arasto
Vice President, Industrial energy and hydrogen.
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Solution Sales Lead