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Corporate responsibility


VTT operates for the benefit of a sustainable society, serving business and consumers.

VTT reports corporate responsibility according to GRI standard 2016, suitable parts

The VTT Annual Report is at the core of the VTT Group's corporate responsibility reporting. A more detailed list of contents, selected indicator values and references are presented in its GRI standard disclosures index.

Read more in the VTT Annual Report and the GRI standard disclosures index.

Other documents related to the corporate responsibility:

Whistleblower channel for reporting suspicions about abuses  

For VTT, it is important that its customers, partners and employees regard it as a reliable actor. That is why we want to ensure that all abuses and actions that do not comply with our guidelines are revealed and handled appropriately.

Suspicions about abuses and actions in breach of VTT’s guidelines can be reported to VTT’s Compliance Officer by sending an email message to VTT's compliance officer We thank contributors for their help.

Data Protection

See more at VTT and Data Protection

VTT's operational system is ISO 14001 certificated

In 2008–2013 VTT participated in the WWF's Green Office environmental management system. DNV granted VTT the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate in 2014. All VTT offices in Finland are covered by the operational system. VTT develops its energy efficiency according to the energy survey operations of large companies.

VTT's environmental goals are:

  • We create sustainable solutions for major societal challenges in our research projects
  • We support our customers in innovations that enhance environmental performance
  • We encourage our personnel towards sustainable choices
  • We comply with the statutory requirements and other binding obligations of our operations
  • We continuously improve our management system to enhance environmental performance.

 Quality Management System and certificates