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VTT Review 2017


The VTT Review 2017 consists of reports in PDF format and complementary online content:

​President & CEO’s reviewVTT Antti Vasara

"For years now, we have been working persistently to build VTT into a more customer-oriented and relevant partner for business life and society. We seek to understand the needs of companies and society better and to create business opportunities together, even in the face of great challenges. Last year, we consequently witnessed improvements in customer feedback, trust in VTT and our attractiveness as an employer. For this, we are proud and thankful.
I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all VTT employees, our customers and our partners for the past year. It is a great joy to build a brighter future with you.

President & CEO
Antti Vasara

Read the president & CEO's review in full here >>


​​Key performance indicators 2017*

Net turnover and
other operating income*

258 M€
Invention disclosures received

45 priority patent applications**

Patent families**


Patents or patent applications*

1 324

751 patents granted,
573 pending patent applications****


1 345

In VTT’s own publication
series 61**

International scientific


Personnel 31.12.2017*

2 368

Doctors and licentiates*

27 %

University-level degree*

80 %

*VTT Group  **Parent company


VTT Review 2017 pdf 2017 Key Performande indicators and financial statement pdf Impact of VTT 2017 pdf Corporate responsibility report 2017 pdf Tax footprint management and control pdf Salaray and remuneration report 2017 pdf



Examples of research results 2017