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VTT Expert Services Ltd and Labtium Ltd

VTT Review 2016

Together with its subsidiary, Labtium, VTT Expert Services Ltd offers commercial expert services and assessments; certification and approval services; testing, inspection and analysis services; and calibration services. The key aspects of these services have been accredited by Finland’s national accreditation service, FINAS. Our accreditations cover over 1,300 standards. Labtium and VTT Expert Services Ltd have the necessary notifications to act as a Notified Body. In addition, VTT Expert Services Ltd is a certified product approval body.

VTT Expert Services Ltd is an independent, third-party testing, inspection and certification organisation. It executes its customer assignments fairly, impartially and confidentially. Independence is ensured, while taking account of personal, financial, organisational and operational aspects on a project-by-project basis. A wide range of services help the customer to meet the challenges of rapidly changing markets. They support the customer’s product development and commercialisation activities as well as maintenance throughout the product lifecycle. In turn – through geo, fuel and environmental analysis in particular – Labtium Ltd produces information for its customers' production processes and quality control. Demand for the two companies’ services is arising due to regulations, as well as deficiencies and development needs in production and products. The services are also needed in production process management.

VTT Expert Services Ltd bought the vehicle and machinery measurement and testing services of Natural Resources Institute Finland. The services were transferred via the acquisition as of June 1, 2016. The accreditations and external authorisations related to the services were also transferred. These will markedly broaden our range of services for testing vehicles and machinery.

Raising profitability and competitiveness has been a key development area for both companies. This has led to the redesign of customer work and the content of the service range, and enhanced operational efficiency. Achieving higher profitability requires an improved capacity utilisation rate, but the sluggish economy has reduced the opportunities for organic growth. Many of the services are sectoral, and special expertise is required in order to provide them. Demand has been growing slightly for various certification services. New demand has been met by developing and expanding accreditation packages.

At the end of the period, VTT Expert Services Ltd’s accreditation services comprised testing, inspection, calibration and certification activities covering 33 accreditations, and 9 authorisations as a Notified Body. The quality management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Almost all of Labtium Ltd’s testing and analysis functions have been accredited.