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Safety and security

VTT Review 2016


Safety and security – Resiliency in turbulent world 

Strategy_icon_Safety and security_small.jpgIn our turbulent world, unexpected complex and cascading failures can lead to catastrophic effects. Ensuring safety and security of people, government, companies and infrastructures in all conditions has strong implications to technology development, business continuity and resilience models. The trends behind opportunities are increasing exposure of societies to natural and man-made threats.

Tomorrow’s safe and secure society demands means and tools to detect, prevent and recover from incidents. VTT envisages and develops technologies and systemic models for comprehensive safety and security. All systems should be flexible and self-adaptive with inherent safety and security features. Designing, developing and testing complex systems enable secure use and full potential of any innovation in digital society.

Solutions to counter threats provide opportunities for trouble-free life and business.



References and research results


iStock_000014945502_Large.jpg Development and
industry roll-out
of cyber security

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Nordic LAN&WAN Communication Oy, Prosys PMS Oy, Nixu Corporation, Insta DefSec Oy, Schneider Electric Finland Oy, Neste Corporation



New solutions to bring improved cyber security

VTT has developed tailored solutions that bring improved CYBER
SECURITY and disruption-free operations to manufacturers. VTT is also helping SMEs to participate in EU cyber security projects.

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Greater readiness repels cyber threats to manufacturers

Finland’s preconditions for cyber security capabilities are good - clearer national resolve and deeper cooperation needed


Smart sensors to enhance security

SMART SENSORS are creating opportunities to enhance security and manage activities based on data gathered from the environs. VTT has added sensors and LEDs to items such as reflectors and interior decor elements measuring indoor air quality.

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VTT brings reflectors up to date with sensors and LED lights

VTT develops a design accessory for monitoring the indoor air quality


Smart city solutions

Digital technology is spreading to vehicles, the road network, buildings, security systems, and water and waste management. Tampere is an example of the cities that are utilising digitalisation together with VTT to develop SMART CITY SOLUTIONS.

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Innovation competition begins - New digital services for Tampere's smart urban environment

A new tool from VTT for the economic evaluation of security solutions for urban areas


Smart clothing of the future

VTT has developed the SMART CLOTHING, which automatically adjusts to individual needs. The technology is also suitable for the demanding conditions encountered in hospitals, by firemen or during sport. Smart clothing or bracelets can also be used to improve safety.

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Smart clothing of the future will automatically adjust itself according to the wearer's actual needs

 Biodegradable quick test reveals blue-green algae toxins 

A biodegradable BLUE-GREEN ALGAE (CYANOBACTERIA) TEST, jointly developed by VTT and the University of Turku, reveals algae-based toxins in swimming water. Consumers can use this low-cost, easy test to ensure safe swimming at beaches and holiday homes.

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Biodegradable quick test reveals blue-green algae toxins in swimming water

VTT’s encryption method improves privacy protection

Consumers will soon be able to log in and protect their data and devices more easily and securely. VTT is seeking a commercialising partner for a solution which combines NEW ENCRYPTION METHODS with biometric identification.

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VTT’s encryption method takes authentication to a new level – improves privacy protection


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