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Review by Chairman of VTT Board

VTT Review 2016

Dynamic VTT continues to secure Finland’s growth

Throughout the years, VTT – which turned 75 at the beginning of 2017 – has been developing ground-breaking new technologies, bringing technological expertise to society and enterprises as a basis for innovative business creation together with customers. VTT's applied research has played a key role in creating practical applications from research results, in partnership with various industrial sectors.

VTT's research focuses have always emerged from the needs of Finnish industry and society. For example, VTT moved on from its early days of developing welding technology to CAD and CAM system development and then, based on research, to the current digitalisation and virtual reality based production methods. VTT's radio technology research provided the springboard for the development of mobile phone and other ICT. New opportunities have been created for the forestry industry through nanocellulose and biofuel innovations. Finland also remains a pioneer in the development of fluidised bed combustion techniques for power plants. VTT has been a key part of Finland's internationally unique innovation system.

The speed of change has kept accelerating to the point where, in 2017, keeping up with the global competition means being able to reinvent yourself and innovate continuously and faster than ever. Only those who can learn new things fast enough – and create new businesses from them – will survive. VTT's duty is to be active in ringing the 'innovate or die' alarm bell for Finland and companies based here.

The needs of most of VTT's customer sectors are changing at an accelerating pace due to developments such as digitalisation; to remain a technology leader and attractive as a partner, VTT needs to reinvent its own expertise and practices as quickly as, or even faster than, its customers. Last year, VTT's own renewal was accelerated by a strategy process seeking new growth paths. All VTT staff are participating in this in one way or another. It has been great to see the resulting excitement and discussion which, I hope, will ripple outwards and help to find better ways of making an impact – bringing renewal and growth to Finland.

Aaro Cantell
Chairman of VTT Board



VTT Board

Aaro Cantell
Normet Oy
M.Sc. (Tech.), born 1964
Meetings of the Board of Directors 11/11
Remuneration Committee 2/3

Matti Hietanen
Terrafame Group Oy
M.L., M.Sc. (Econ.), born 1977
Meetings of the Board of Directors 11/11
Remuneration Committee 3/3
Audit Committee 4/5
Kari Knuutila
Outotec Oyj
D.Sc. (Tech.),
born 1958
Meetings of the Board of Directors 10/11
Audit Committee 5/5

Harri Leiviskä
Suunto Oy
M.Sc. (Econ.),
born 1968
Meetings of
the Board of
Directors 9/11
Audit Committee 5/5

Petra Lundström
VP, Nuclear Development
Fortum Power and Heat Oyj
M.Sc. (Tech.), born 1966
Meetings of the Board of Directors 11/11
Remuneration Committee 2/3

Anneli Pauli
D.Sc., born 1955
Meetings of the Board of Directors 11/11

Kaija Pehu-Lehtonen
SVP, Business Development
Metsä Fibre Oy
M.Sc. (Tech.), born 1962
Meetings of
the Board of
Directors 10/11
Audit Committee 5/5