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VTT Review 2016

Well-being at work as a success factor


We invest in the development of management and leadership

Leadership and good management are VTT’s key success factors. During the spring, we involved our entire organisation – in a number of ways – in the creation of a new strategy and new approach to leadership. We also organised two Manager Days, with good leadership and team development as the main themes.

We also arranged an Active Caring Roadshow, aimed at early intervention and, in support of this, introduced an electronic tool for well-being at work discussions. Around 160 managers participated in these programmes. We developed our feedback culture by providing a Productive day-to-day discussions online course.

Well-being at work is an important success factor for VTT

VTT’s well-being objective involves increasing each employee’s feeling of well-being, developing the work of managers, and using the Lean-thinking model to simplify current processes. Mental well-being, self-management, time management and acknowledging diversity were discussed in team workshops. Workshop attendance was high, with 92 out of 120 teams participating. Other well-being themes included mindfulness and sleep, weight control and neck/spine groups. We introduced the Cuckoo electronic break-time workout application at the end of the year. We provided human resource coaching for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and problems with coping at work in particular.

Personnel development by a range of means

VTT’s success is based on continuous learning by the whole staff. In addition to on-the-job learning, our development programmes focused on coaching in sales skills and project work, one of the aims being to attain IPMA C certification. We continued VTT's internal mentoring programme, which was attended by more than 30 mentoring pairs. We also completed our first joint mentoring programme with Aalto University and the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

We reformed our development discussions, introducing an evaluation model for excellence and impact.

Good employer image the key to attracting talent

Measures for strengthening our employer image were focused on students. We raised our profile among students, e.g. through recruitment fairs, cooperation with student organisations and our summer job campaign. In addition, we developed and activated our social media communications. We did well in the Responsible Summer Job campaign, being awarded the Biggest Improver prize. We were rated number 5 among technical and natural sciences professionals, and number 8 among students, in Universum's employer attractiveness rankings.  

Rewarding is an important part of a good employee experience

We aim to have a fair and motivational reward system. We embarked on developing our reward criteria and processes as a whole. The aim was to simplify our reward system and increase its impact. As an important short-term incentive, we will raise the value of our recognition rewards, through which we will reward excellence in a range of ways, using VTT’s common strategic indicators as criteria.