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Good life

VTT Review 2016

Good life – Improved quality of life, work, health
and well-being

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Major global changes impact everyday life. Growing healthcare costs together with aging population demand for a paradigm shift for prevention of noncommunicable diseases and a new kind of participatory healthcare. Disruption of work – robotization beyond factories is making many current jobs obsolete. The overload of human-technology relation, manifesting itself clearly in the gadgets we use in our work and free time, is increasing stress when it should make life easier. Urbanization and strained infrastructures pose pressures towards design of our living environment.

Finland has the ability to answer these challenges because of well educated population, high trust level in society and a number of growth oriented companies. VTT develops new technology, service concepts and business models for the benefit of the individual in the future society.



References and research results


iStock_000014945502_Large.jpg Better diagnostics
for neurological

Combinostics Oy



Taskukirjasto - innovative mobile service 

Pocket Library that provides library customer with book recommendations is an example of an INNOVATIVE MOBILE SERVICE. Hyper-spectral iPhone camera is another novel service. Consumers of the future can use it to check issues such as the quality of food.

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Pocket Library


A small and consumer-friendly treatment device for excessive sweating

VTT has developed a safe and consumer-friendly TREATMENT PATCH for EXCESSIVE SWEATING (HYPERHIDROSIS), which uses water as the active substance. The patch is easy to use, light and portable, and can be used to absorb medication through the skin.

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VTT is bringing out a small and consumer-friendly treatment device for excessive sweating

Selfie wall merges the viewer with on-screen content

In Lahti, people can use an AUGMENTED REALITY APPLICATION to peer into history. We also have a SELFIE WALL that seamlessly merges the viewer with on-screen content, for an entertaining and interactive result.

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Selfie wall makes viewer part of photo or outdoor advert


Fast and reliable diagnosis

The optical analysis of exhaled air enables the painless, fast and reliable DIAGNOSIS of HELICOBACTER PYLORI, which causes stomach ulcers. A mobile phone application detects ARRHYTHMIA and can help to avoid cerebral infarctions.

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VTT releases a painless, quick and reliable method for diagnosing Helicobacter from exhaled air

A mobile device developed by VTT detects irregular heartbeats and helps to prevent cerebral infarctions

Wearable sensor device helps visually impaired to sense their environment

VTT is involved in developing the OPASTUTKA wearable sensor device, which helps the partially sighted to sense their environment. The device, which is worn like a heart rate monitor, has been clinically tested.

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Wearable sensor device helps visually impaired to sense their environment

Wood components to boost the quality of food products

VTT experiments show that, in the future, WOOD COMPONENTS such as xylan and lignin could provide the food industry with the possibility to ​MODIFY THE STRUCTURE OF FOODSTUFFS and lower their energy content.

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Wood components to boost the quality of food products