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VTT's technology expertise creates competitiveness and growth for Finland

VTT Review 2015

Bringing growth to Finnish companies, or companies operating in Finland, is the key challenge in securing the future of the country and on which almost all other good things depend. Growth cannot be achieved by repeating old tricks – companies need to completely reinvent themselves and develop new products and services. The greatest success stories tend to be based on building something new around existing strengths. This is true for Finland. Fortunately, in developing and exploiting technologies we have a unique trump card – VTT, one of Northern Europe's largest, most important and most highly rated R&D organisations. For example, VTT has long been one of Europe's biggest recipients of hotly contested EU research funding.


In addition to performing world-class scientific research, due to its technology expertise VTT is uniquely able to help companies reinvent themselves and grow in Finland and beyond. Over the years, VTT has gained enormous expertise and experience of how companies from various sectors can transform their operations and successfully develop new business activities, products and services – based on cooperation with VTT. When seeking new sources of growth, it is vital to each and every one of us that we get more out of VTT's top-flight professionals and unique expertise.

Despite the crying need for just the kinds of capabilities that VTT has – to spur new growth in Finland – its funding is being subjected to drastic cuts. This is self-defeating, but we at VTT are not entirely without fault in this regard. I believe that the key issue is VTT's ability to focus its activities more on achieving growth and to become better at spreading the message about its impact. To increase VTT's potential for creating new technology-based business activities, we need to start by using case studies to show the public and our customers how money invested in VTT has grown our clients' businesses and Finland's economy. That is the best way of securing VTT's future and its public and private-sector funding. I hope that this, the first annual report by VTT Ltd, can play a part in such a vital mission.

Aaro Cantell
Chairman of VTT Board