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Impact of VTT

VTT Review 2015

Share of survey respondents who had this benefit as their goal in their VTT project and felt that
the benefit was generated in the project:

  • 96% thought that a VTT project promoted networking.

  • 93% reported that their knowledge base and expertise improved.

  • 81% said that a VTT project promoted their marketing.

  • 77% believed that a VTT project speeded up or otherwise improved research and
    development work.

  • 70% confirmed that new products, services or processes were created.

  • 69% believed that a VTT project contributed positively towards the opening up of new
    business opportunities.

  • 68% reported that their competitiveness improved.

  • 56% reported that a whole new technology was adopted.

  • 53% said that a new business concept or a new earnings model was created.

Taloustutkimus Oy, VTT customer survey, 2015