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VTT's know-how to create new growth for Finnish companies


The new VTT Ltd started out at the beginning of the year, but what will change? Firstly, VTT now has a real Board of Directors with actual legal authority and accountability for the company's activities and development. It is now the responsibility of the Board to demand strong renewal of VTT from the management and to support and encourage them and the whole organisation in meeting these challenges. Secondly, as a limited liability company, VTT is now more agile and freer to focus its resources in new directions and to engage in new, bolder experiments. The aim is to get more out of the top-level, unique expertise of VTT's professionals. It is worth remembering that, with over 2,000 researchers, VTT is one of the largest and most important R&D organisations in northern Europe.


Incorporation did not change VTT's core tasks, which still are:

1. In selected areas maintain top research and technological expertise in Finland and cooperate with Finnish universities in these sectors. VTT must also cooperate more with world-class researchers from other institutes abroad. This more international role in my view is one of the key goals or the research activities now and in the future.

2. Using technological expertise to boost the competitiveness of companies in Finland. Over the years, VTT has gained enormous expertise and experience of how companies in various sectors have successfully renewed their own operations, and developed new business activities, products and services based on cooperation with VTT. I believe that Finland needs this type of new growth and therefore also, VTT's most urgent task is to strongly grow and expand this activity.


VTT has a unique capability to help companies to renew and grow in Finland and from Finland. But many companies are still unaware of the opportunities VTT can offer. There is still much more potential to unlock in companies operating in Finland, and in VTT itself. We need to actively increase our customer contacts at all levels. We also need to keep inventing and trying out new ways of cooperating with companies and telling them about the possibilities available. In practice, this means growing VTT's privately funded business activities. Right now, I think this is the best indicator of how well VTT's technological expertise can boost the competitiveness of companies in Finland.


Aaro Cantell
Chairman of VTT Board