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VTT VISION: Smart mobility and cities, improved industrial productivity



Imagine a world in which people and goods can be moved with minimum impact on the local environment and climate. Imagine an intelligent transport system with smart infrastructure and smart, connected vehicles powered predominantly by renewable energy, and with enlightened end-users: private individuals and enterprises. Imagine a system that is actually based on user demand. That is what we would like to see.

To put production and infrastructure, including mobility and transport, on the track to sustainability, we have to improve energy efficiency, switch to renewable energy and more efficient modes of operations, and, most importantly, increase smartness at all levels of the system.

Technology industries have a very important direct and indirect impact on Finnish business life now and also in the future. Renewal of industry through digitalisation is one of the key theme areas also on the public sector innovation agencies' priority list. The key technologies for securing the competitiveness of Finnish manufacturing industries include industrial internet, additive manufacturing, automation, robotics and embedded intelligence.