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VTT Review 2014



VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries. We use our research and knowledge to provide expert services for our domestic and international customers and partners, and for both private and public sectors.  We use 4,000,000 hours of brainpower a year to develop new technological solutions.

I am certain that VTT's transition from agency to limited liability company represents a major step forward for
                the entire Finnish innovation system.

                Erkki KM Leppävuori
                  President & CEO





VTT has a unique capability to help companies to renew and grow in Finland and from Finland.    


                  Aaro Cantell, Normet Oy
                  Chairman of VTT Board





Research results and visions​

Knowledge intensive products and services​​ ​

VTT VISION:  Productivity leap with IoT​

Exampl​es of research results 2014​




Smart industry and energy systems​

VTT VISIO​N:  Smart mobility and cities, improved industrial productivity

Examples of research results 2014





Solutions for natural resources and environment

VTT VISION: Bioeconomy - l​ife in post-oil era​​​
Examples of r​esearch results 2014



Research programmes, impact, cooperation


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Technology for business

The challenges of the future are today's opportunities. By providing research and innovation services that enhance the international competitiveness of companies, society and other customers, VTT creates the prerequisites for sustainable growth, employment and wellbeing in society.

We have identified six areas of research and technology through which we can help to meet the environmental, societal and economic challenges of the future: bioeconomy, low carbon and smart energy, wellbeing, resource-efficient production, clean world and digitalisation. As well as meeting global challenges, these important areas provide opportunities for new business activities and growth. Our service covers the entire innovation process, from idea through to commercialisation. We devote over 4,000,000 hours of brainpower a year to the development of technological advances.

By engaging in collaboration with us, you can promote the creation of new businesses, improve current processes, practices and products and boost the productivity of your R&D activities. We offer our customers and partners multidisciplinary and in-depth scientific, technological and business competences, unique research facilities and equipment, and extensive Finnish and international partnership networks. We create tailored solutions meeting each partner's needs in close cooperation with the customer.

VTT is a key operator in both Finnish and international innovation networks and organisations. We play a major role in connecting Finnish companies and other players with European value chains and EU projects.

VTT gets technological results due to its strong, internationally respected scientific pedigree. Based on its expertise, VTT has generated solutions worth hundreds of millions of euros; our customers and society have used such solutions to improve productivity and create wellbeing. Our impacts on growth, employment and wellbeing are mainly achieved by improving the competitiveness of our customers. Through our activities, we have an impact on companies, the innovation environment and society.

36% of Finnish innovations contain VTT expertise. According to the 2014 customer survey, our customers were highly successful in attaining their objectives through their VTT projects: 88% stated that a VTT project had accelerated or otherwise boosted their research and development work. 56% reported that their competitiveness had improved as a result of a VTT project.



​We are building Finland's future together with our partners

In meeting the challenges facing the business sector and society, our selected focus areas are bioeconomy, low-carbon energy, digitalisation, cleantech, resource-efficient production, and health and wellbeing solutions. We present our customers and stakeholders with five value promises based on these focus areas, and fulfil those promises together with our partners.

Prosperity from natural resources
Holistic thinking and new sources or raw materials, such as waste or industrial side streams, provide a potential competitive edge based on new business models focusing on eco-efficiency.

Self-sufficiency with clean energy systems
Clean and smart energy systems are key guarantors of Finland's energy security. Low emission and low carbon energy production methods also provide us with plenty of export opportunities.

Competitive advantage from industry renewal
To secure our export base, we must renew our industrial sector. As a multi-technology organisation, VTT is working together with companies to improve competitiveness.

Smart communities – good connections and smooth everyday life
Smart traffic, eco-efficient communities and resource-wise practices equal sustainable development towards smart communities. VTT is engaged in long-term co-operation on the development of smart traffic, construction and services.

Finland on the top of the progressing digital disruption
The Internet continues to spread: we now run into it in the most surprising places and contexts. The industrial internet and universal digitalisation will have a multi-billion euro impact on the Finnish economy.

​Sustainability and responsibility

We take account of the principles of sustainable development, both in research and development and in our internal operations. VTT reports corporate responsibility according to the GRI G3 guidelines. We describe examples of corporate responsibility in the VTT Review and publish selected GRI metrics on the VTT website. Reporting includes the VTT Review, VTT Group Corporate Governance (CG) and the HR Report (

Social responsibility
The focus areas of VTT's research – bioeconomy, low-carbon energy, digitalisation, cleantech, resource-efficient production, and health and well-being solutions – target a better living environment and a sustainable economy. Our spearhead and innovation programmes realise the goals of our research focus areas. Our research activity produces a stream of totally new sustainable solutions for the grand societal challenges. According to studies, the utilisation rate of our research results is extremely high, attaching great significance to VTT's impact in promoting sustainable development. Our research results and experts are also widely called upon as a basis for public decision-making on the journey to a society founded on sustainable development.

Responsibility for our own personnel
VTT is ranked among top employers in employer surveys and our employer brand has remained on relatively high level. VTT was ranked fourth in the Universum employer survey of engineering students and second in the T-Media survey of Top employers. The focus in our well-being activities is in active caring, management work and effectiveness of selected well-being programmes. Managers received guidance in handling of challenging situations, support for starting professional guidance and training in active caring approach which was promoted also in rehabilitation events, work community and management training events.

In 2014, VTT carried out the most extensive co-operation procedures of its history. The lay-offs related to this naturally had impact on employee motivation and working atmosphere. The occupational health care report states that this shows on absences due to sickness in the final quarter of the year.

Calculated using the method of the Zero Accidents forum, the frequency of accidents was lower than ever, at 0.71 per million working hours. There were only three accidents leading to an absence from work. However, of these, one led to an extended sickness absence (170 days), with the consequence that the absences are viewed as serious (63 days of sick leave per single accident). The 8 serious accidents that occurred during work-related journeys in 2013 caused over 430 days of absence in 2014.

We continued with our chemical audits and also began planning and drafting an operational plan for the storage management and maintenance of information on chemicals, and the marking of chemical containers. This project progressed well and the related user training began in early 2015. We completed the eSafety online course material intended for induction activities in 2015. In its management review of 2014, the VTT executive management team decided that this course would be compulsory for all VTT employees.

We drew up three-year plans – for 2015 to 2017 – aimed at the development of environmental and occupational health and safety issues. We decided to continue with the theme of developing our occupational health and safety culture after the 2012 to 2014 three-year period. The new theme areas are 'a common workplace', 'tidiness and order' and 'reinforcing the management chain as a communicator of QEHS issues'.

The new perspectives 'a common workplace', 'tidiness and order' and 'reinforcing the management chain as a communicator of QEHS issues' will be our focus areas.

Environmental issues
The compliance of VTT's operational system with the ISO14001 standard was confirmed and VTT was granted the related certificate on 16 January 2014.

We reduced the amount of travel in line with the related objective. This reduction could be seen across all travel, confirming that we are moving in the right direction. Our success in reducing domestic travel was highly significant from the perspective of CO2 emissions. Foreign travel also fell markedly compared to the previous year. A total of 32.1 million flight kilometres accumulated. There was also a major drop in personal car use. In addition, we analysed the use of rental cars for the first time. A total of 0.53 million kilometres were driven in rental cars and 0.57 million in VTT cars.

The amount of paper purchased fell by almost a quarter (24.4%), totalling just over 10,000 reams. Printouts fell by almost two million copies (22.0%), with colour printouts accounting for nearly half of this reduction.
VTT consumed 38.1 GWh of electricity, which exceeded the figure for 2013 (36.7 GWh) but came under that of 2012 (39.0 GWh).

No Environmental Deed of the Year award was presented for 2014. Mechanical components and an oil separator were installed for the purpose of soil decontamination following the Otaniemi oil spill. This soil decontamination can begin when electrical connections have been installed for the pumping well.

VTT’s R&D facilities - an essential part of the national research infrastructure

VTT’s unique R&D facilities enable the development chain from basic research and process development up to prototyping and pilot manufacturing. Our research facilities are an essential part of the Finnish research infrastructure.

The largest bioeconomy pilot and research facility in Nordic countries. In the first phase, we will launch gasification and pyrolysis piloting operations there.

Biotechnology and food research piloting environment with its fermentation equipment offers unique facilities for the development and customisation of bio and food industry technologies.

World-class cleanroom facility, fully equipped for the fabrication of silicon, glass and thin film-based microsystems. All types of microsystems are developed and customised here by modular optics to meet  customer needs.

VTT MIKES Metrology is the National Metrology Institute of Finland and performs high-level metrological research and develops measuring applications in partnership with industry.

Engine and vehicle laboratory
Our engine and vehicle laboratory enables research on passenger cars as well as heavy-duty vehicles up to 60 metric tons to develop energy efficiency, emissions reduction and use of 2nd generation biofuels.

World’s first pilot factory for printed intelligence industrialisation. The idea is to pilot manufacture printed electronics to be integrated to mass products.

Remote Operations and Virtual Reality Centre for the development of remote operations and virtual reality technology in industry.

A pilot-scale research environment for fibre processes
enables the development of novel products and supports the renewal of the pulp and paper industry.

​Awards and prizes 

  • Bioenergia ry handed out the Pellet Award 2014 to Principal Scientist Eija Alakangas in Bioenergy Spring Day. Alakangas has worked long with national and international standardisation work for the development of pellet quality and market.
  • Research Professor Marja Toivonen received the VTT Award for her outstanding individual performance and knowledge sharing at VTT.
  • Research Professor Nils-Olof Nylund was awarded by the international Society of Automotive Engineers for his strong input in the development of automotive engineering.
  • Principal Scientist Juhani Laurikko was granted a Medal of Motor Traffic. The medal is granted to a person who has significantly advanced road traffic development.
  • Research Professor Ali Harlin received a PulPaper Award and a 5 000 euro grant. The award is granted to a person who has strenghtened faith in future development of cellulose and paper industry and paved the way for diversifying application of the field.
  • VTT Research Scientists Inka Lappalainen, Maaria Nuutinen, Tiina Valjakka and Toni Ahonen were awarded with the Marianco Corso Best Practical Award by the innovation network CINet for their conference paper on provider-customer interaction as a source for service innovation.
  • Senior Scientist Sami Koskinen won the Best Technical Paper Award for the European region at the world's largest intelligent transport congress, the ITS World Congress held in Detroit.
  • Director Leena Sarvaranta was appointed member of the Strategic Research Council working under the Finnish Academy. The SRC will make proposals to the government about themes of strategic research and make funding decisions.
  • EVP Anne Ritschkoff from VTT was appointed to the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee monitoring and developing Finnish and international research infrastructure activities.
  • Research Professor Merja Penttilä was appointed to the International Selection Committee of the Millenium Technology Prize.
  • VTT’s logistics research scientists received the Best Scientific Paper Award in the European Conference of ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL).
  • The 10 Year Impact Award 2014 of the International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM) was awarded to Dr. Jani Mäntyjärvi and his former colleagues for their paper presented in 2004. The method presented has been applied widely in the past ten years.


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