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VTT CityTune® for smart city planning


​Better futures through data

The built environment, energy, water, transport, social issues, health, education and more are shaping the city of the future.

All cities face these challenges.

Among many alternatives, how do we make sure the most impactful decision is made? How do we avoid unintended side effects that could make the problem worse? How can the long-term effects of short-term changes be foreseen?  

It is easier said than done.

Do you want to know how to shape future cities and prevent risks?

Complexity, fragmentation and a lack of data skills cause challenges

  • The broad and complex set of issues and stakeholders presents challenges to understanding the impact of decisions.
  • Data sources are often fragmented and unstructured.
  • Lack of the key data-science skills needed to construct meaningful forecasts and analytics.

We can help you cut through the noise

Cities can control risks and allocate funds more efficiently using VTT CityTune® model to forecast likely effects of major decisions, be it planning choices in new areas, prioritization of public services or maximizing the impact of smart city investments, among others.

VTT CityTune® model is a combined approach of digital analytical tools and methods for all fields of city development, including city planning but also more, such as city services and private sector decision- making in the city context. VTT CityTune® helps to make sense of all the data and turn it into useful, actionable information.

VTT CityTune® enables you to

  • assemble data in one place and construct meaningful models.
  • combine data and models to enable diverse stakeholders to make decisions based on data.
  • assess impact and value of planned solutions.

Our expertise gives you a holistic overview of your city

Let us help you to conquer your smart city challenges with our world-leading city development expertise and methods:

  • System dynamics modeling
  • Scenario building and forecasting
  • Service design
  • Data fusion and artificial intelligence
  • Smart cities & energy
  • Mobility & transport

Densely built Kathmandu

Case: Helping a capital city grow sustainably / Kathmandu, Nepal

There are plans for Kathmandu to grow beyond the present airport area in the north-east with 0.5-1 million inhabitants. To ensure a good life for the inhabitants a sustainable and smart approach to the planning was adopted. As part of the international planning team, VTT provided support in technology selection and economic sustainability assessment of the plans.

What we did

  • Supporting sustainable urbanization in a fast growing city.
  • Assessing the impacts of different urban development paths onto the local economy and jobs in the long-term.
  • Correct technology choices based on local needs and conditions.


We recommended to the Nepalese government a team of experts - including a specialist from VTT. I don't think any other person could compete with this expert's competence. The project was a risky project in a developing country, and this person was able to understand the complexity and still deliver expected outcomes within budget"

Mariitta Helineva, Lead Architect, Helin & Co Architects

Vienna rooftops

Case: Optimizing city energy / Vienna, Austria

A new group of buildings was planned to the Austrian Institute of Technology campus with energy systems that make them both energy consumers and producers. Local smart-controlled energy management is employed. The result is a complex system and ensuring optimal realization is difficult. That's why VTT supported the project with modelling and optimization capability that allowed create a optimal system.

What we did

  • Enabling the development of a complex energy system where buildings produce and consume energy.
  • Using modelling of the energy system to find the optimal solution among many technology combinations.
  • Minimizing polluting emissions while ensuring the feasibility of the solution.


The modelling approach is very good, it allowed detailed models and you can do a lot of things with it. Our system was very complicated. After analyzing 36 different scenarios, we found comparing the alternatives to be very useful for planning the energy system."

Nicolas Pardo Garcia, Science & Project Manager in Austrian Institute of Technology


VTT CityTune® Impact Assessment Toolkit

Our rapid, efficient entry point into data-driven city planning

  • Refines city data into useful information that can be efficiently used to make decisions.
  • Client-specific qualitative system dynamic model enables forecasting of development trends, tests alternative scenarios and helps identify risks.
  • Aids communication with effective visualizations

VTT CityTune® Impact Assessment Toolkit is a great platform for further development in

  • Forecasting Developments
  • Risk Prevention
  • Assessing Alternatives
  • Benchmarking & Sharing Data
  • KPI & Informing Decisions

What are the issues in your city that would benefit fron an analytical approach and forecasting future developments?


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