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Health and wellbeing



​​​Diagnostic platforms »

VTT offers a broad array of contract R&D services for developing molecular diagnostic applications. Our development activities focus on novel reagents and assays, sensor technologies and computational tools and data mining.

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​​​Digital health »

We help our customers develop new technologies and service concepts in the area of Digital health. Our development activities focus on health monitoring, human data analysis and application and service design.

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Food, feed and beverages » 

We develope new concepts for the food and beverage sector. We enable consumers to choose healthy, sustainable and tasty foods wherever they go.

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​​​Wearable technology »

We help our customers develop technologies enabling hi-tech functionality in wearable devices. We overcome challenges of form, function and integration with novel sensing capabilities, energy harvesting technologies and software algorithms.

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Why partner with VTT?

  1. We offer our customers and partners multidisciplinary and in-depth scientific, technological and business competences. Several strong scientific focus areas create a flexible platform for radically new technology and business development.

  2. We have world-class research environments and solid IPR assets. Benefit from our unique R&D infrastructure which enables the development chain from basic research and process development up to prototyping and pilot manufacturing. Our intellectual property is considerable and we are flexible on the terms of intellectual property developed in commissioned research and development projects.

  3. We have a proven track record: 9% of Global Fortune 500 companies are already our customers. By engaging in collaboration with us, they have promoted the creation of new businesses, improved current processes, practices and products and boosted the productivity of their R&D activities.


GE wants to work with VTT in a close long-term partnership. We have had the opportunity to contribute to VTT’s strategy in the field of health technology and see that it is well aligned with our goals.

Hanna Viertiö-Oja, Chief Scientist, PhD, GE Healthcare


VTT’s low-loss photonic platform is helping us improve our medical virtual biopsy products by miniaturizing all the optics into a tiny chip, thus reducing size and cost of what are otherwise complex systems. We have found a strong commitment to quality procedures and reliable fabrication, which has been fundamental for our success in moving towards a commercial product.

Eduardo Margallo, CEO, Medlumics