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ROViR Remote Operations and Virtual Reality Centre



The ROViR research centre provides services and solutions for remote operation and virtual reality technology applications in industry. The origin of ROViR is in fusion energy programmes. However, the developed Systems engineering approach is applicable to any environment, where high functional reliability of machine systems is preferred, like in heavy work machines, lifting devices, or nuclear manipulation.

Since an increasing share of product value originates from automatic and remote functionalities, doing them right at once means shorter time to market, and lower warranty costs. We emphasise requirement analysis and management as important steps, because they enable lower development risks, consistent test plans, and therefore good product quality and overall cost savings.

Let us partner your development team and co-create your solution together.

Collaboration with international organisations​

In close collaboration with Big Science ITER and Fusion for Energy organisations we have developed maintenance robotics for the future ITER fusion reactor. The result is functional, highly reliable, and in accordance to nuclear regulations.

The System Engineering competences of ROViR cover the following topics:

  • Requirement Management/Engineering
  • Complex Mechanical System Design and Validation
  • Control System Design
  • Virtual Mock-up Verification and Validation


This expertise has been successfully applied to totally new products and systems with applications like

  • Fusion reactor maintenance robotics incl. its control  - F4E
  • Nuclear fuel handling                                                         - Posiva
  • High reliability mechanisms for hostile environment  - ITER


Current research is focusing on ITER Divertor cassette maintenance, Requirement Management and analysis, Verification and validation methods, concept design, and model based control system design.