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Plastic materials and composites

Partner with VTT to speed up your product development cycle!

​VTT has comprehensive research facilities for the processing of plastics and composites. These include various pre- and post-processing equipment as well as extrusion, compounding and moulding machines from laboratory to pilot-scale. In addition, the facilities are equipped with modern structural and mechanical characterisation instruments.

Our customers are raw materials producers as well as companies from the composite sector, such as compounders and composite part manufacturers.

Carbodeon Ltd Oy has developed a novel filler technology to improve the thermal conductivity of polymers significantly. VTT as the research partner performes the experimental work: plastic composite processing and characterization. The target is in the thermal conductives market, and the results enable wider use of polymers in electronics and LED applications.


In the field of nanocomposites development, VTT has developed a unique cellular film for sensing applications (VTT patented). Currently a large project is on-going on the development of nanocomposites for low friction and high wear resistant components together with the industry.

Flame resistant composites development is another on-going topic; Halogen free, more sustainable and by manufacturing simplification.

VTT is also active in Plastics Recycling process development; Utilization of recycled plastics materials; process end and application development.

Film manufacturing as a part of plastics processing

Among the versatile plastic processing facilities we have comprehensive film manufacturing lines and film orientation equipment.

VTT is strongly networked with European research institutes and plastics converters.

Our customer sectors are e.g. cable industry, electronics and electrical equipment suppliers and packaging manufacturers.