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Thermoplastic lignin

We can help you further with your replacement of plastics in compounds and composites!

​VTT has developed thermoplastic kraft lignin for plastic replacement:

  1. Kraft lignin is grafted and plasticized with fatty acids, and
  2. Applied to natural and pulp fibre composites.

The availability of kraft lignin is increasing while there are emerging processes to recover it from pulp mills. Lignin provides a bio-based aromatic side stream for the replacement of plastics in compounds and composites.

Lignin composites

VTT is actively studying thermoplastic lignin composites. The focus areas are

  • Plasticisation of lignin using chemical modifications and external plasticisers
  • Polymer blends
  • Fibre reinforced composites
  • Odour of lignin

We also have extensive expertise on different lignin fractionation techniques as well as the structural characterisation of lignin.

Thermoplastics processing

VTT has comprehensive research facilities for the processing of plastics and composites. These include various pre- and post-processing equipment as well as extrusion, compounding and moulding machines from laboratory to pilot-scale. In addition, the facilities are equipped with modern structural and mechanical characterisation instruments.

Our customers are raw materials producers as well as companies from the composite sector, such as compounders and composite part manufacturers. 

Companies looking for added value applications for lignin would benefit the most from our excessive know-how and expertise in the field.

Our expertise in the fractionation, modification and processing of lignin can also be utilised in lignin based thermosetting materials.