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Bio-composites and biopolymer foams


Biocomposites and biopolymer foam-structures are replacing fossil fuel-derived materials in packaging, transportation, construction and consumer appliances. They are lightweight, save on raw materials and sustainable.

Stakeholders are demanding alternatives to fossil fuel-based products. In addition to increased sustainability, we are discovering the novel properties of many biocomposites and the business opportunities that come with them.

Leverage our extensive research & knowledge base

VTT’s offering in the area of bio-composites and biopolymer foams is built on extensive research background in fibre and bioplastic modifications and on competences and research facilities covering the needs of the whole value chain.

Leverage the knowledge of our 100+ specialists hard at work developing bio-based material solutions. We have extensive research on natural and man-made fibres, nanocellulose, biopolymers, composite and foam technologies. You can rely on VTT knowledge and expertise from idea generation through to laboratory work and piloting to market-ready applications.