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Value from food chain side streams

We characterise and fractionate side streams and process them into new value-added products

​Value from food chain side streams can be achieved by identification and enrichment of the valuable components: This will at the same time lead on to decreased waste generation, increased value and sustainability.

Recognition of food industry side streams as raw materials and their efficient use provides new raw material sources and a wider range of product options.

Do you have a side stream that could bring you more value? Would you like to find new sustainable, domestic raw material source?

We have helped our customers to characterize their side streams and have developed methods for their fractionation and processing into new products. We have provided our customers with processed samples for application studies from laboratory-scale to pilot-scale. 

Protein, fibre, carbohydrates - from food chain side-streams

We create new efficient ways to utilise food chain side-streams. Apart from process and product development, we can assist in the evaluation of the overall exploitation potential of side-streams and the feasibility of the new processes.

Recently, we have enriched protein and hydrolysed carbohydrates from brewer’s spent grain, rapeseed press cake and bran, and utilized dietary fibre and bioactive components from cereal and berry processing side streams. We have also produced e.g. edible films from potato peels, delicious products from berry press cake and a new high-quality feed component from low-value side-stream. Additionally, we have know-how on the valorisation of meat industry side-streams into different applications. 

Many of the food chain side streams can be valorised into new food and feed ingredients. Those which are not applicable in food or feed production can be utilised in material applications or in bio energy production.

VTT experts and facilities at your service

We have excellent lab and pilot process facilities, a wide selection of both in-house and commercial microbes and enzymes, versatile analysis tools and skilled personnel to perform the R&D work.
We have good connections to many other research centres and universities which enables complementing collaboration for world-class innovations.

We have customers and collaboration in cereal, dairy, meat, vegetable, brewing and feed industries.