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Towards Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing has become a priority. Climate neutrality, circularity, the pandemic and growing geopolitical frictions are all drivers for more resilient value networks. We are now witnessing a clear transition towards sustainable manufacturing and autonomous production.

This white paper presents a vision of sustainable manufacturing and provides insights into the transformation towards it.

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This 24-page white paper has been written by VTT's leading experts in smart manufacturing, management and cognitive production – and revised with selected manufacturing companies.

  1. Executive summary
  2. Autonomous manufacturing for sustainability
  3. Drivers and enablers for future sustainable manufacturing: Industry transformation & key technologies
  4. VTT's vision for sustainable manufacturing: manufacturing in 2035
  5. Sustainability benefits and impact: economic, social and environmental benefits
  6. Realising the vision: six steps towards sustainable manufacturing

What will be the role of humans? What kind of new business models are likely to emerge for producing goods? How will new manufacturing technologies, robotics and extended reality affect manufacturing?

Who is this for

This white paper is aimed at manufacturing, process industry & logistics companies.

It will be especially valuable to people responsible for production, business development, sustainability, and maintenance.

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Why this white paper

Autonomy is a key enabler in this transition and is discussed in the paper from multiple points of view, including technological autonomy, autonomy of future work, and geopolitical autonomy.

The purpose of this white paper is to:

  • challenge current thinking,
  • portray the systemic transformation that is already in progress,
  • support companies in finding new business opportunities.
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