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Sustainable alternatives – in packaging and beyond

How to speed up replacing fossil-based plastics with sustainable alternatives? Discover the fast track with this white paper.

Successful piloting is the secret sauce for environmentally and financially sustainable packages and products. Most businesses outsource the piloting phase, as specialized expertise and infrastructure are required.

Read our learnings of piloting as an independent research organization with decades of experience.

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6 benefits of successful piloting
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Who is this for?

This white paper is valuable for:

  • forward-looking companies who wish to incorporate biobased or recycled plastics in packaging or products,
  • packaging companies,
  • manufacturing companies looking to use their bio-based raw materials, side streams or recycled materials in a more valuable way.
Professor Ali Harlin and Research Team Leader Vinay Kumar demonstrating a transparent cellulosebased film at VTT Bioruukki pilot centre.


Part 1. Introduction

  • Finding alternatives for fossil-based plastics
  • Tightening regulation for plastics
  • Piloting bridges the gap between the lab and the factory

Part 2. How does piloting make plastics alternatives sustainable?

  • Perfect the properties of packaging materials
  • Use side streams or waste as source material
  • Limit the use of harmful chemicals
  • Ensure the recyclability of your packaging and products
  • Optimise the production process

Part 3. VTT as your sustainable piloting partner

  • SutCo piloting line for dispersion barrier coating optimisation
  • Cellulose Films piloting line for cellophane alternatives
  • PlasCo piloting line for thermoplastic alternatives


What kind of results have other companies achieved with piloting? Which regulatory changes are driving the transition? And how to choose a piloting house that's right for us? These questions and more will be answered in this white paper.