VTT PlasticsCompass – service for polymer material development and plastics innovation

Looking for new polymer materials to support your sustainability strategy and transition into sustainable plastics? VTT PlasticsCompass service helps your company to fulfil your strategy for sustainable material development. It helps you navigate efficiently through the entire innovation process from selection to polymer material development and validation.

Key facts: VTT PlasticsCompass

Outside-the-box polymer solutions

Systematic decision-making process to select new polymer materials, backed up with science-based research

Validation and piloting best sustainable plastics

Sustainable polymers have huge market potential, but the transformation is challenging. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Companies have limited access to the resources and testing facilities.

External demands for sustainable polymers seem contradictory. Criteria and standards add complexity to choices relating to sustainability, regulations, technical demands, customer needs and cost pressures. LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analyses are useful but resource intensive, and the data is often hard to compare

Best insights from polymer science, combined with customer orientation

VTT PlasticsCompass is a solution combining the best insights of polymers science with customer-oriented way of working. It provides a systematic decision-making process to select new polymer materials. It accelerates the finding of right solutions by combining world-class expertise with proven track record in sustainable polymers across industry value chains.

With VTT’s help businesses are able to concretise and execute actions supporting strong sustainability strategy with faster time-to-market, without compromising the proper validation on new sustainable material choices. That helps to de-risk investments, too.

We chose the unconventional way to do R&D and outsourced it entirely to VTT. It has turned out to be a great decision as we are now on the brink of commercialising our new, revolutionary film material.
Jaakko Kaminen, CEO Woodly Oy

Setting criteria to piloting innovative polymers

The process starts with mapping your unique operating environment, sustainability strategy, unique product-related functional requirements and customer expectations. That enable us to set exact targets and constrains to build the sustainability concept for the new materials.

As a result, we create a list of alternatives: existing commercial materials, new plastics formulations or even new customised polymer material fitting the selected criteria, define measurable targets and first steps for the next phase.

By screening the listed alternatives we outline a sustainability analysis report of material properties with quick demonstrations of the key properties in relation to manufacturing and product requirements. As an outcome, we compose gap analysis to define the targets for the fine-tuning of the material recipes.

Phase three is all about piloting and testing 2-3 viable solutions, with a validation report and detailed documented descriptions. VTT’s facilities are fully equipped for running pilot scale chemical reactions, polymer compounding and formulation of new materials, as well as generation of prototypes and laboratory testing. 

With the help of VTT PlasticsCompass, the sustainability transformation of plastic business can be easier, controlled, solid and transparent. Get started with science backed polymer transition with us today!

Sanna Haajanen

Sanna Haajanen

Customer Account Lead